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Fashion Law

Fashion Law

The fashion industry is full of “intellectual creativity” and with so much movement the FASHION LAW has become a new branch of Law that has evolved along with the Intellectual Property.

All this new stream of designers, start-ups, innovative products in the cosmetic and perfume industry, technological advances (bloggers, social networks), art, among others, require that we “Fashion Lawyers” evolve and support our clients so that all their ideas, products, services and businesses are properly protected.

The FASHION LAW has exclusive concerns and particularities and we believe that their legal advice should be implemented from the creative process and starting with an appropriate legal strategy in the formation and structuring of businesses.

In this sense, we reiterate the importance of the Trademark Registry, which well protected gives a competitive advantage to differentiate in the market and become the most valuable “asset” of a company designer. It is worth mentioning that at this moment there is a lot of interest from the consumers in the so-called green, ecofriendly and sustainable fashion brands that identify themselves as protectors of environmental and ecological standards.

The quantity of products and services offered by this sector is immense, just to mention some of them: clothing, footwear, jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, decoration, among others, they require a labor force to carry them out, protect them and market them, hence the premise that this field also includes professional contracts of qualified personnel, Labor Law and Migration.

Likewise, many products from the beauty sector, upon being applied and consumed by humans, must comply with the Health Regulations (cosmetics, food and pharmaceuticals) to ensure consumer protection. In addition, it is necessary to comply with health operating permits.

There are other aspects such as advertising and Commercial Promotions that must be done to promote products without falling into unfair competition and adhered to the law.

We cannot fail to mention the Copyright, which must also be protected especially in photographic and fashion works today.

Benedetti CL Abogados has a complete team that, in addition to having well-known lawyers engaged in the world of Intellectual Property, with experience in franchising, mergers and acquisitions, is complemented by lawyers specialized in the areas of Commercial, Real Estate, Corporate Law and Labor.

We are dedicated to designing strategies at national and international level to protect and promote our clients’ brands, since we believe that all creative, distinctive and unique work deserves success.