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Foreign Investment

Foreign Investment

There is interest in investing in Panama, as due to its geographical position, it is one of the best connected countries in the world.  The Panama Canal, together with the maritime ports are considered the ones with the highest traffic of all Latin America, one on each side of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

As a result, many international companies invest in Panama, this is because there is a good business environment, logistics, infrastructure, incentives in its legal regulations (fiscal, corporate, banking, immigration, among others) that facilitate and make investments in our country attractive. We have a service-oriented economy, our financial system uses the dollar as legal tender, the international financial center gives a lot of security and we also have an excellent communications platform that makes Panama an insuperable country.

Through Law No. 41 of August 24, 2007, a Law on Multinational Companies (SEM) was created, to facilitate the investment of capital and to date there are more than 145 Multinationals registered under this legal framework SEM.

If you wish to know your investment opportunities and the legal regimes created for this purpose, BENEDETTI CL Abogados are qualified to provide you with legal stability and advice for the development of your investments.